ReplacingWindows in a Falcon

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Renewing the Westerly Falcon Window Seals

These are the steps I followed when renewing the leaking window seals on my Falcon in 2009 plus the parts and tools I used.


Rubber extrusion – Seals Direct US54 (Panel Thickness:6 mm, Height:8 mm, Wall Thickness:1.6 mm) – 20M Low Modulus Silicone Sealant – Arbosil 1096 (Black) – 2x400ml One-part Polysulphide Sealant – Arbokol 1000 (White) 2x400ml Methylated Spirit Silicone Sealant Finisher – Plasplug 1in Masking tape Ductape – to cover opening if leaving overnight Plastic sheet – to cover opening if leaving overnight 2x 1in Wood chisel – blunt Claw hammer Stanley Knife 1in Scraper Newspaper Clamps 5mm Bolts with nuts and washers Rags Spare Interscrews (2BA x ⅜in) - Hadlow Marine Services

Removing the Window from the Coachroof

1. Protect gel-coat by putting a strip of masking tape around the window frame. 2. Remove the window screws (2BA x ⅜in Interscrews). 3. Use strips of masking tape to identify top of frame and top of window pane. 4. Use the blunt wood chisels to carefully tease window frame from coach roof. A claw hammer is useful to gently lever out frame. “Walk” the two chisels round the frame. 5. Leave inner part of frame in place to ensure outer frame goes back in same place Removing the Window Pane from the Frame 1. Remove the screws holding the two halves of the frame togther – stainless steel. 2. Run a stanley knife around the inside and outside of the old seal to break the window pane – frame joint. 3. Place a small screwdriver in the interscrew holes either side of the frame joint to act as handles to pull frame apart. 4. Gently pull apart the frame. 5. On each of the frame joints replace one frame screw to hold each frame joiner in place – put joiner on the half without the hooked bend. Cleaning the Frame and Window Frame 1. Use scraper to remove old sealant from frame and window pane. 2. Clean frame and pane using methylated spirit.

Replacing the Window Pane in the Frame

1. Run a bead of silicon sealant around the edge of pane to hold the rubber extrusion in place. 2. Run the rubber extrusion around the pane with join at top centre. 3. Push the pane into the frame – start with hooked end of bottom frame. If necessary, use clamps to pull the two frame halves together 4. Replace the frame screws. 5. Check the frame depth against the coach roof opening and, if necessary, use a clamp to adjust. 6. Use a scraper to push rubber extrusion into frame to leave approx 3mm for sealant. 7. Use methylated spirits to clean silicon from frame and pane. 8. If replacing window later, run a bead of silicon sealant around frame-pane gap inside then outside (push rather than pull). Finish joint with sealant finisher. 9. Allow above to dry overnight.

Replacing the Window in the Coachroof

1. Clean the coach roof window suround with scraper then methylated spirits. 2. Run a bead of polysulphide sealant around the frame. 3. Push the frame into the coachroof window opening. 4. Replace the Interscrews after first removing the sealant from the holes to prevent the sealant from filling the female part of the Interscrew. If inner part of the Interscrew starts turning, punch it out and temporarily use 5mm bolt – use mole grips (locking pliers) to prevent nut turning, place a washer on the bolt to prevent mole grips from scratching frame. The coachroof is curved – for the 4 large windows start in the centre then work towards one end (alternately doing a top then bottom screw), then the other. 5. If necessary, stop inner part of Interscrew rotating by wraping PTFE tape around it 6. If not already done, run a bead of silicon sealant around frame-pane gap inside then outside (push rather than pull). Finish joint with sealant finisher. 7. Finally remove each interscrew and apply vaseline to thread before aligning screw head

Glazing frame extrusion cross section

Glass 5.5mm (toughened)