Typhoon Upgrades and Enhancements

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The Stay Sail

Firstly it is not really convenient for coastal sailing or gentle racing. Saying that it is lovely for tacking in the river. I am always on my own and being nearly 60 years old it is nice and light. It does not seriously under power a powerful main driven boat even in light airs. BUT I am very envious of your self tacking gear.

It's designed for more long distance sailing and will be of most use as a heavy weather sail with the wind on the beam, in front of the beam or going to windward.

Also down wind say with the wind off the port quarter and the main on a preventer on port tack I would hope to have the stay sail sheeted in hard on port tack to deflect the wind in to the poled out genoa on starboard tack. This should greatly increase power at the front of the boat.

I am still playing with it but so far in strong winds it has been fabulous just off the wind or to windward. Down wind alone the sail is not far enough forward sailing with the main.

We are lucky to have such a nice mile eater.

The sails were made by Rob Kemp. He went to a lot of trouble and was interested in my plans. Everyone has a way they want to do it and we are not all the same but this seems to work for me.

James T. ,TN20, Talisker1