Westerly 22 upholstery

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We have replaced the worn and punctured vinyl covers in our Westerly 22.

All the cushions have been covered with a faux suede except for the port and starboard cushion more exposed by the companionway. These have a vinyl cover. In order to buy the material all the areas were mapped and put together on a single drawing to make as efficient as possible use of the available width of the material.

cushion areas
Fig 1. Cushion areas

The old vinyl material was stripped and carefully taken apart to be used as the ultimate template (the drawings were only used to determine the totally required material). A zip was mounted in the sidestrip in such a way that it would be out of view. This means the covers can be taken off and washed if required.

Fig 2. Forepeak area
total area
Fig 3. Total required material

Fig 3 was used to determine the total length out of a 1.5 m wide roll of material. However, with the occasional wet seawater or wet sailor coming in through the companionway, we decided to cover 2 cushions in more waterproof vinyl (see Fig 5).

A PDF file with this information can be downloaded here Media:Westerly 22 upholstery.pdf.

The final result

Fig 4. New upholstery in the forepeak
quarter berth
Fig 5. New upholstery in quarter berth