Centaur Main Cabin Wall Cupboards

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Tha wall cupboards in the Centaur main cabin have sliding doors that often stick and at best only allow access to half the cupboard contents at once. By replacing the doors with piano hinge top hung full width doors more convenient access is afforded to the cupboard contents.

Top hung full width doors open to show contents

The doors have push button latches which act as handles and ensure the doors stay shut in a seaway. There are also drop down stays to hold the doors open if desired.

The side walls up to curtain rail height have been covered in light blue wall carpet over closed cell foam.

As shown in the picture below radios can also be fitted into the top hung doors and there is a roll of the single sided self adhesive closed cell foam used to line quarter berths and cabin sides.



Stays and hinges from Hinges and Brackets here [1]

Locking catches from Toomer and Hayter here [2]