Centaur Rudder bearings

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New bearings are available from Trafalgar Yachts

Rudder Tube

The Centaur Rudder shaft is housed in a stainless steel tube.The tube is in two parts.

The top part screws on to the main lower part of the tube which is fitted from below and bolted in place. The bolts are difficult to access and may require an access panel/hatch cutting out.

There is a plywood shim at the top and the top part of the tube screws on and seats on this. The plywood is prone to water damage and may have to be replaced possibly with plastic.

Top part screws on

                                                                                 The top part screws onto the lower tube.
Picture by Roger Ball
                                                                   NB The above picture is of the main part of the tube and is taken from below!

When refitting the tube take care to replace exactly as it was otherwise the hole in the rudder post may not reach high enough. Whilst you need to use sealant under the lower flange do not make it too thick.

Holes offsett

                                                    Also the hole in the collar may be off centre or one larger than the other like this one...try turning the collar round!