Corsair Maintenance and Repair

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Westerly Group Safety Notice

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Commercial Script

Corsair Sling hoisting instructions

Actually these are the hoisting instructions of the Oceanranger however this is basically the same boat.

Corsair Hatch Sizes

MK1 Corsair they are fore cabin and stern cabin 20" (51cm) square and the saloon 12 3/4" x 18" (32.5cm x 46cm). These measurements are the opening size of the plastic trim the aluminium hatch sits in.

Fuel Tank Removal

The Corsair Fuel tank is secured by 4 bolts. 2 at the forward bottom edge, the other 2 at the aft upper edge. Also held by the filler tube from tank to cockpit sole. Not too bad to get at especially if removing the engine. You should only need to slide the engine forward into the cabin, not remove it completely.

Can it be removed without moving the engine?

I removed the plywood panelling behind the engine which is in 2 parts, took out some of the floor supports (just 2x2 softwood) and the whole thing came out reasonably easily. So to answer my own question, it can be done without taking the engine out! There is also an off-the-shelf Tek-Tank which is nearly the same size - around £400 fully prepared for all the outlets and inlets.

Source WOA Forum Sep 8 2010

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