DV10/20 Exhaust Elbow

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It's possible to make an exhaust elbow out of 1.5" pipe fittings which are readily available at the pipe centre.

You will need:

Blk Mall 45 deg M&F elbow-156 1 1/2 inch qty 1

Blk H/W barrel nipple 1 1/2 inch qty 1

Blk Mall sq tee - 161 1 1/2 x 1/2 inch qty 1

Blk Mall 45 deg M&F elbow - 156 1/2 inch qty 1

1/2 inch male bspt x 1/2 inch brass hose tail qty 1

However be aware that the pipe has a tapered thread whereas the exhaust flange on the buhk is straight:

"Yes - I have a home made exhaust elbow on my DV20. Constructed more or less as you show, except I have a 45 deg bend for the cooling water inlet. This gives a better angle for the pipework from the anti-syphon valve. I am on my second in 13 years - although the first was still OK when I replaced it. Never any trouble with water flooding the cylinders. The malleable iron bends have a tapered thread, I believe, whereas the exhaust flange fitting on the motor has straight threads. I just tightened them up as hard as I could with a smear of Boss-white."

Neil_s on PBO.


If you prefer you can achieve that same thing but in stainless steel from http://www.nero.co.uk/Catalogue/150LB-BSP-Threaded-Fittings

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