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The Griffon Club was introduced as a cheaper alternative to the very expensive Griffon II with fewer windows, a simpler interior woodwork and smaller engine.

The Griffon Family of boats included Griffon 26, Griffon II, Spirit, and the Regatta 260

Griffon Club Statistics

Designer: Ed Dubois More Westerly pictures can be found on the Westerly Owners Web site
Keel: Fin / Twin
Keel width: at leading edge 92", keel length 60"
Cockpit: Aft
LOA (feet): 26' 0"
LWL (feet): 21' 7"
Beam (feet): 9' 3"
Draft (feet): 4' 9" / 3' 3"
Displacement (lb): 5,900
Ballast (lb): 2,717
Berths: 6
Heads: 1
Rig: Sloop
Fuel (galls (UK)): 10
Main (sq. feet): 147,
No. 1 Genoa (sq. feet): 263,
No 1 Jib (sq. feet): 133,
Sail ID: GN
Water (galls (UK)): 15
Built: 1985 - 1989
Number Built: 27

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