Keel bolts

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Keel bolts

On Westerlys' built since 1978, the studs have been metric, usually in the main part of the keel the studs are 24mm diameter, on the leading edge they may be 20mm diameter, and on the trailing edge of the keel 14mm diameter. However on Westerlys' built before 1978 as far back as 1975, the stud size could be Whitworth (1”, ¾”, or ½” respectively) or metric. Craft built before 1975 will almost certainly have Whitworth threads (B.S.W). In the case of the metric nuts, the across flats measurements (A/F) are 36mm, 25mm and 17mm, respectively. Clean off covering gel coat (this is there for cosmetic purposes and for locking the nut to the thread), if the gel coat is not cleaned away thoroughly there may be a danger when undoing the nuts of unwinding the stud from the heel, and this is to be avoided if possible. Sealant recommended Polysulphide best applied whilst dried out. A ringlet of caulking cotton may be used. Westerly did not use torque setting for keel nuts. As a rough guide 24mm studs should be tightened to approximately 150ft.lbs (approx 20.75kg/m), the 20mm stud to approximately 85ft.lbs (11.75 kg/m) and the 14mm to approximately 55 ft.lbs (7.60 kg/m). The lock nut should be tightened to around 30% of the full nut

All About Keel Bolts

All about Keel Bolts

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