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Paints on Test

PBO articles

2014 Practical Boat Owner article covering various ways/formulas for applying anti-slip deck paint -

Kiwi Grip

We've tried both exterior masonry paint and International Interdeck on our Konsort. Of the two Interdeck was the better finish and seemed harder than the masonry paint which picked up dirt easier and seemed softer getting scratched easier.

So time to give Kiwigip a go. It's expensive stuff so I wanted to try it out first before commiting to it. I used an offcut of furniture board which had a slightly textured surface not too dissimilar to the masonry paint we would be covering.

I made a spreader out of on an old plastic card with 3mm notches one side and 6mm the other. The Kiwigrip instructions mention using the 6mm spreader to get deeper peaks and valleys to get a very aggressive finish.

I masked up the board into 3 20cm2 panels. This gave me a total area of .12m2 so I should only require 60ml of Kiwigrip for all 3 according to the coverage instuctions on the tin (1 Litre to 2m2).


What quickly became apparent was that using the notched plastic spreader wasn't going to work. It left too much of a profile in the Kiwigrip that no amount of rollering would remove. Used the flat side of the card to rework the surface to get as even a finish as I could. Will use a brush next time.


I did this in the conservatory early evening maybe 14C but the temperature would have fallen off overnight. By the following morning my samples were still not touch dry.


Cleaning Tests

A Tea Stain. This was difficult to clean up with a soft nail brush and washing up liquid. I applied neat bleach which was a mistake as it started to lift the Kiwigrip. You can just see it on the photo to the right if you zoom in.

Kiwigrip say:

"KiwiGrip cleans up nicely with a good biodegradable boat soap, water, and a soft bristle brush that can penetrate the peaks and valleys. KiwiGrip can be high pressure washed if required, but it is often best to use a boat cleaning detergent first, then remove with high pressure water. You can use bleach if you wish, in a very mild form only."


Ordinary Dirt. This cleaned up nicely without bleach.



Interdeck Squall Blue is sometimes used as a substitute for original Westerly light blue non-slip.