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Using the classic Laurent Giles cod's head bow these boats are instantly recognizable as being a Westerly yacht. Has all the Westerly characteristics, good build quality, solid, safe and reliable. Considered part of the same group of yachts as the Jouster, Warwick, Westerly 21 (W21), and Pageant.

After the success of the Centaur, Laurent Giles was asked to produce designs for a series of smaller yachts. All of them a very similar to the Centaur but the Pageant 23 and the Kendal are particularly close sisters to the Centaur.

The Kendal is the fin keeled version of the Pageant, but only 6 were sold.


Designer: Laurent Giles More Westerly pictures can be found on the Westerly Owners Web site
Keel: Twin
Keel Width: Max to outer edge of keels= 79 3/4”.

Length at base= 56 1/2” The leading edge of my keels is rounded so I put a straight edge on the leading edge to extend it. Also at 4” up from base the keels are 2 1/2” longer.

Cockpit: Aft
LOA (feet): 23' 1"
LWL (feet): 19' 0"
Beam (feet): 8' 0"
Draft (feet): 2' 10"
Displacement (lb): 4,300
Ballast (lb): 2,100
Berths: 4 - 5
Heads: 1
Rig: Sloop
Fuel (ltr):
Main (sq. feet): 130
No. 1 Genoa (sq. feet): 195
No 1 Jib (sq. feet): 106
Sail ID: P
Water (ltr):
Built: 1970 - 1979
Number Built: 551

Westerly Pageant Brochure here: Westerly Brochures

Definitive Guide

The Warwick, Westerly 21 and Pageant

More Pictures





Upgrades and Enhancements

Bi-fold doors on Pageant

Pageant Keel Repairs

Before Repairs

Port Keel detached by broadside grounding on a slipway

The remains of the keel stub

Port Keel detached by broadside grounding on a slipway

Watch this space for after repair pictures!!


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