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These are the original drawings that Trafalgar Yacht Services used for the manufacture of spare parts. Thanks to them for providing them to WOA.

Set no 1 Konsort /Merlin /Griffon

Set no 2 Centaur / Pembroke

Set no 4 Discus, W33 / Conway

Set no 6 Fulmar (slight variations in drawings)

Set no 7 Seahawk / Corsair / Oceanranger

Set no 10 Storm / Tempest

Set no 13 Berwick and Longbow W31 tiller steered

Set no 14 GK24

Set no 15 Merlin 29/Regatta 290 (Caution Drawn from example part- check dimensions of your boat before ordering replacements)

Set no 16 Pentland, Renown and Tempest ,W31 wheel steered

NB Trafalgar advise that some Fulmars had small variations from boat to boat, so bushes were generally made to the owner’s specifications.


File:Set 10 from DT Precision Engineering.pdf

File:MN 29 bushes.pdf

Rudder Bush Material

The rudder bush material is ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene aka industrial grade polyethylene. According to Trafalgar Yacht Services, the bushes have always been made of this material, as specified on the Westerly drawings.

For Images click link below

Rudder Bush Images


You may find an engineering firm close to you is able to make the bushes you want locally. If so, please let us know and we will add them to this list for the benefit of others. If you can't find a local engineer who can help you then we will hopefully have a growing list of firms that we believe can help. Either way, you should take the drawings to the engineers yourself as WOA cannot be involved in the order to production process. If you own a popular model (Centaur for example) you may like to use the WOA forum to find other owners who may agree among themselves to club-together to make an order for a larger number of bushes if that saves you money.

Trafalgar are still trading from home. They keep stocks of the shaft seals and are able to supply the correct seal for each model.

List of organisations able to supply can be found in the supplier list:

Click here for list of suppliers of Westerly Specific Parts