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Ketch Rig Sail Statistics Luff x Leach x Foot
No1 Genoa (155%J): 34'9" x 34'11" x 19'8"
No2 Genoa (135%J): -
No1 Jib: 32'0" x 29'6" x 16'2"
No2 Jib: 26'9" x 22'6" x 13'6"
No3 (Storm) Jib: 18'0" x 13' 2" x 9'9"
Mizzen Staysail: 22'9" x 19'6" x 15'9"
Cruising Chute (165%J): 36' x 20.0"
Spinaker: (Needs validating) 36' x 21'6"
Mainsail: 150 sqft
Mizzen: 54 sqft
Technical Figures: i = 36.00, j = 13.00, p = 30.00, e = 10.00
Sail Dimensions and Details

Mizzen Staysail

The Mizzen Mast isn't set up to carry a staysail so additional bracing is needed. A rigger advised attaching the mizzen halyard to the opposing side aft stern cleat. It's this author's opinion that it would be better to use the mizzen toping lift for this purpose then all 4 sails can be set flying. As far as is known at the time of writing no-one has flown a mizzen staysail on a Renown so caution is advised when trying this out - a calm day, light winds and several crew members well briefed. Additional fittings required to fly a mizzen staysail are:-

1) a halyard fitted at the front and top of the mizzen mast for the head of the sail.

2) a swivel pulley mounted on the aft end of the mizzen boom for a flying lead to the the clew of the sail. This lead then runs alongside the boom and is cleated off by the mizzen gooseneck.

3) a fixing point at the base of the main mast for the tack of the staysail.