Replacement Fuel Tanks

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Discus Ketch Fuel Tank

Old Steel Tank
                             The old tank had been refurbished with a new base and painted with Hammerite about two years before I bought the boat and externally it looked very good.
                             But over the course of my first season the fuel became discoloured and the tank dip stick was continually coated with a brown sticky deposit presumably due to diesel bug. 
                             This continued despite dosing with bug killer and eventually the filters became blocked.
                             The tank was removed and after several rinses the fuel that came out was still very dirty and full of magnetic rust particles.
                             Because the tank had a baffle it was clear that it would be very difficult to clean thoroughly without again cutting it open and since it had only really lasted a short time since 
                             the last "clean" a new stainless tank was ordered from a local engineering firm with strict instructions to copy the original dimensions but that it must be no larger!

New tank (upside down)
                                                                             This is the new tank, upside down, part assembled again with a baffle.
                                                                                        Another view of the new tank.
New Tank
                                           The new tank was fitted with a pick up tube in place of the original bottom fuel feed take off  and it was also fitted with a fuel gauge sender.
                                           As before there was a fuel return connection, an eberspacher fuel pick up tube, a deck filler pipe connection and a breather tube connection.
                                             In addition at each end of the tank low down there are connections for a fuel polisher circuit.

it was a tight fit

                                                          The new tank was carried back into place after removing a couple of pieces of trim.

                                                                                                       And it fitted!
It fits - lining up top fittings
                                                        These are the top fittings and fixings. Fittings are fuel return pipe, fuel feed dip tube, fuel gauge, and eberspacher
Bottom fixing

                                                                    This is the bottom fixing and one of the connections for the fuel polisher circuit.