Antifoul Quantities

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How Much Antifoul do you need

Centaur - 2 litres for one coat, with remaining 0.5 litre giving a second coat on the keels (Seajet 033)

Fulmar - one coat from 2.5 litre can

Konsort - 4 litres for two coats

W33/Discus - 3 litres for one coat Cruiser Uno EU

Riviera - 4 litres gave 2 good coats with a bit left over

Corsair/Oceanranger - Official Westerly drawing Antifouling Corsair and Oceanranger (4 litres for one coat)

Berwick - 2.5 litres for one coat

Useful Online Tools

Approximate Hull Surface Areas

Boat Below Water Area (m²)
Centaur 20.5
Berwick 22.0
Storm 25.0
W33/Discus 25.5
Corsair/Oceanranger 34.0