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Less than 26ft Less than 30ft Less than 35ft Less than 40ft Less than 50ft
Nimrod (L/F) Centaur (B) W30 (T) Falcon 35 (B/F) Oceanlord (F)
Jouster (L/F) Chieftain (B) Berwick (B) Oceandream (B/F) Ocean 43 (F)
W21 (B) Griffon 26 (B/F/L) Longbow 31 (F) Oceanquest 35 AC (B/F) Oceanmaster (F)
Warwick (B) Griffon Club (B/F) Pentland (B) Oceanquest 35 CC (B/F) Ocean 49 (F)
Cirrus (F) Griffon II (B/F/L) Regatta 310 (B/F) Riviera 35 (B/F) W490 (F)
Nomad (T) Pembroke (F) Renown 31 (F) Seahawk 35 (B/F)
Westerly 22 (T) Regatta 260 (B/F) Tempest 31 (B/F) W35 (B/F)
Kendal (F) Spirit (B/F) Fulmar (B/F/L) Conway (F)
Pageant 23 (B) Merlin 28 (B/F) Discus (B/F) Conway MkII (B/F)
GK24 (F) W28 (F) Fulmar 33 (B/F) Corsair 36 (F)
Tiger (F) GK29 (F) Ocean 33 (B/F) Galway (B)
W25 (T) Konsort (B/F/L) Regatta 330 (B/F) Medway 36 (F)
Windrush (T) Konsort Duo (B) Storm 33 (F) Solway 36 (B)
Merlin 29 (B/F) Storm Cruiser (B/F) Ocean 37 (F)
Regatta 290(B/F) W33 (B/F) Regatta 370 (F)
Falcon 34 (B/F) Typhoon 37 (F)
GK34 (F) Oceanranger (F)
Seahawk 34 (B/F) Sealord 39 (F)
Vulcan 34 (B/F) Kestrel (F)


F - Fin Keel

B - Bilge or Twin Fin

L - Lifting Keel

T - Triple Keel

Original Westerly Brochures for many classes can be found here:Westerly Brochures