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Welcome to the Westerly Wiki sponsored by the Westerly Owners Association. Our aim is to make the WesterlyWiki the prime source of technical information about Westerly Yachts. The Wiki is an open (public) resource and anyone may contribute material or correct existing entries.

Westerly Marine Construction Ltd

Pictures and Stories about life and times at Westerly Marine Construction Ltd

Westerly Classes

Less than 26ft Less than 30ft Less than 35ft Less than 40ft Less than 50ft
Nimrod (L/F) Centaur (B) W30 (T) Falcon 35 (B/F) Oceanlord (F)
Jouster (L/F) Chieftain (B) Berwick (B) Oceandream (B/F) Ocean 43 (F)
W21 (B) Griffon 26 (B/F/L) Longbow 31 (F) Oceanquest 35 AC (B/F) Oceanmaster (F)
Warwick (B) Griffon Club (B/F) Pentland (B) Oceanquest 35 CC (B/F) Ocean 49 (F)
Cirrus (F) Griffon II (B/F/L) Regatta 310 (B/F) Riviera 35 (B/F) W490 (F)
Nomad (T) Pembroke (F) Renown 31 (F) Seahawk 35 (B/F)
Westerly 22 (T) Regatta 260 (B/F) Tempest 31 (B/F) W35 (B/F)
Kendal (F) Spirit (B/F) Fulmar (B/F/L) Conway (F)
Pageant 23 (B) Merlin 28 (B/F) Discus (B/F) Conway MkII (B/F)
GK24 (F) W28 (F) Fulmar 33 (B/F) Corsair 36 (F)
Tiger (F) GK29 (F) Ocean 33 (B/F) Galway (B)
W25 (T) Konsort (B/F/L) Regatta 330 (B/F) Medway 36 (F)
Windrush (T) Konsort Duo (B) Storm 33 (F) Solway 36 (B)
Merlin 29 (B/F) Storm Cruiser (B/F) Ocean 37 (F)
Regatta 290(B/F) W33 (B/F) Regatta 370 (F)
Falcon 34 (B/F) Typhoon 37 (F)
GK34 (F) Oceanranger (F)
Seahawk 34 (B/F) Sealord 39 (F)
Vulcan 34 (B/F) Kestrel (F)

Yard Numbers, Sail Numbers, and Hull Numbers

Looking After Your Westerly

Maintenance and Repair

Keeping it going and fixing it when it breaks.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Adding new stuff

Winterising Your Westerly

Buying and Selling a Westerly?

The best maintained Westerlys are sailed by members of The Westerly Owners Association see the Westerly Owners Association "For Sale" pages here

Useful Resources

Guidance for Contributors

This is an open Wiki so anyone can contribute. Please open an account and log in using your real name. The basic syntax is simple so with a little reading through the Help under Navigation and/or the FAQ link below any one can enter material and edit text. For more complex layout editing some knowledge of a language such as HTML will help or you can email the Sysops and leave a request for support at westerlywiki@westerly-owners.co.uk. Contributors should endeavour to review the best available information on a topic and submit a digest of that information to the Wiki. Prime sources of information will include personal experience (preferred), magazines, the WOA Web site and discussion groups such as WOA and Yahoo. Material should not be lifted verbatim rather a digested version should be presented in the Wiki. There are generally several alternative approaches or opinions about any task and Wiki contributors should endeavour to identify these alternatives and provide hooks (follow on pages) to the alternatives. Even if the information is not available to the original contributor someone else can later add that information. Reprints of chatty Practical Boat Owner type articles are not recommended because this is not Wiki style. The "How I did it" article which is suitable for a magazine is generally just one view and the Wiki needs to recognise alternates. You should also add a Resources section where applicable providing links to suppliers web sites and a References section listing sources of material used in the compilation of the section.